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The Biggest Grins (And Other Highlights) During Maria Ozawa's Historical Autograph Signing

How would you feel seeing THE Maria Ozawa in the flesh?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 29, 2015
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To say that last Friday's (June 26) much-anticipated FHM Autograph Signing with Maria Ozawa was a success is a HUGE understatement. The event gave Miyabi a special place in FHM history!

The idea of an up-close encounter with the former AV idol was more than enough to coax her Pinoy fans to brave the Friday traffic just to be at the The Plaza inside Newport Mall. The end result: The most attended FHM Autograph Signing ever—topping Marian Rivera's previous record (estimated 850 attendees and 1,000 copies signed) with an estimated 900 attendees and over 1,200 copies signed!

Making up those landmark long lines were our fellow Maria fans, who looked like they were ready to tear the mall apart with every minute of waiting. Imagine the crowd's expression when it felt her coming (see what we did there?); a booming roar signaled the entry of the adult film goddess.

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The man screams grew louder when the actual signing commenced, their smiles growing bigger as they got nearer to Ozawa-chan, who diligently signed their magazines and untiringly posed for photos.

It's not every day that you come face-to-face with your childhood hero a "star" like Maria, and that was most evident in the grins we photographed that night.

Below are some of them, unabashed Maria-holics who let their instincts kick in and flashed their pearly whites like there was no tomorrow. We share their photos below not to mock them or ridicule their expressions. This is a celebration of youth, of innocence reborn, and a fantasy meeting finally happening!

The true definition of ngiting-tagumpay

Ma, punta lang ako sa Resorts World, may tour 'yung Japanese class namin..."

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When one magazine ain't enough

"Nahawakan ko 'yung kamay ni

Couldn't get any dreamier than this

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That moment when even your eyes are smiling

A little zooming in wouldn't hurt

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Who says smiling is required? These guys relished Maria's presence their own way:

Being well-dressed sure comes in handy in times like these

"Maybe you can shoot me next, FHM?"

When your duckface backfires (into a mukha-sim)

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You're doing it right, sir!


And apparently, it's not just men who admire the great Ozawa...

Hey there, good-lookin'!

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Photography Mike Dee
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