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Mar 24, 2014
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FHM Nation, thanks for attending Marian Rivera's Autograph Signing event at the Robinsons Galleria Movieworld last Saturday, March 22!

We don't have the actual numbers right now, but we thought you should know that Saturday's meet and greet totally broke the record for most number of attendants in an FHM Autograph Signing event (she signed almost a thousand copies!). The previous record holder? Also Marian. So yes, she just eclipsed herself. Were you even surprised?

Read on to see how the whole thing went down, and proceed to the FHM Community section to see the rest of her FHM Autograph Signing event photos!

You know you're in for a productive weekend when your agenda involves a lady of her caliber. Marian's schedule was packed - she was set to attend the FHM Bikini Heaven pool party later that night - but cover girl duties always come first.

Marian Rivera

You can tell from this photo that Saturday's event was a loud and rowdy affair. Is this the most well-attended FHM Autograph Signing event in history? You bet. She broke her own attendance record from last year, for crying out loud.

Marian Rivera

During her opening speech, Marian thanked the FHM Nation for making it to her signing event despite the horrendous traffic. She barely made it on time herself!

Marian Rivera

It was a very sizeable crowd and Marian couldn't possibly accommodate everyone within the alloted time, so we had to do things a bit differently. You understand, right?

Marian Rivera

A magazine copy signed by the sexiest woman in the land? Try selling that rag for quadruple the price and see where it takes you.

Marian Rivera
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Photos Mark Jesalva