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Nov 5, 2013
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A mascot's primary job is to keep things bright and lively. They're not wearing those goofy costumes dahil trip lang nila. For their fans' sake, they have to jump on trampolines, run on skates, walk on stilts, and heaven knows what else.
But that wasn’t the case last Saturday, November 2, when the Denver Nuggets’ famed team mascot Rocky was lowered from the rafters of the Pepsi Center Arena totally passed out—as in dead weight unconscious.

Worse, from a certain angle, it appeared as if Rocky had hanged himself. Imagine the horror, right? Better yet, watch the clip below:


Spotlights we’re immediately turned off and medics sprinted their way to aid the unconscious Nuggets mascot. Phew!

But all is good now. Rocky is reportedly doing fine and is ready to resume his mascot duties as soon as possible. So what the hell happened? According to Rocky himself, a strong gust of wind knocked him unconscious in the middle of his routine. Yeah, that also baffled us, but whatever...  As long as you're okay, buddy!

Here's the thing: Sometimes, mascots thrive for mishaps and crazy incidents. One could even argue that it's what they do best. We compiled a series of epic mascot fails to prove this. Jump to the next page to see our list!

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