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Meet Calvin Klein's New 'Plus-Size' Model, Myla Dalbesio!

"Really, Calvin Klein? She's 'plus-size'?" grumbled the Internet.
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 14, 2014
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FHM Nation, meet Myla Dalbesio. The underwear model was hired by Calvin Klein in a supposed attempt to feature "plus-size" models for their "Perfectly Fit" campaign. In an industry known for its obsession with skinny women, this is actually quite an admirable move.

Calvin Klein

Here's where the problem lies: Myla, it turns out, is a size 10 model, which means her measurements are nowhere near plus-size—and is in fact four sizes smaller than the average woman's dress size (14). This got netizens up in arms: Is this perfectly fit model a plus-size by Calvin Klein's standards? Because that would be preposterous!


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Scroll down to find out the other thins the Internet is saying about this perceived slight to femaledom!

This thing is making women even more insecure than they already are.

Netizens believe Calvin Klein is sending the wrong message by changing their definition of plus-size.

Why do people talk about plus-size as if it's a bad thing in the first place?

To be clear, Calvin Klein never actually referred to Myla as a plus-size model, but they did say that they intend to branch out to "women of different sizes."

Myla's interview with Elle
, where it was revealed that she's the biggest girl CK's ever worked with, gave birth to the issue.

Given that plus-sizes keep getting smaller and smaller, using a "plus-size" model doesn't seem all that empowering.

Talk about unrealistic beauty standards, right?

Sadly, the fashion industry still has ways to go...


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