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Meg Imperial Brings A Merrier December

Ho-ho-ho?! Nah. It's more Hu-wa-wa-waw!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 3, 2012
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To welcome our new fantasy, the lovely VIVA talent Meg Imperial, we elected to take our December cover shoot to the great outdoors. It proved to be an inspired decision as Meg looked absolutely radiant; her fair complexion was the perfect canvas for the sunlight and the shoot had an airy vibe of freshness and (sexy) youth all around. The proof of the pudding is, of course, in the eating...

Who wouldn't want to lounge with that?

Meg though was unexpectedly sensitive to the sun, and had a little trouble when her peepers started to dry. We also felt a few pangs of guilt when her face started showing some form of discomfort, but, thankfully, she simply smiled and laughed at her silly ordeal. Melted our fears away, her pearly whites did. 

It’s a given that our covers embody sexy, and Meg was achingly so. But if you haven’t gotten what we’re hinting at yet, allow us to put it more bluntly: Meg is also a very sweet and delicate girl that even the most hardened cynics at FHM promised to hurl himself in front of anthying that could harm her, be it speeding bullets or insects (as long as we don't get dengue). And if you want proof of Meg's lovability, you should go buy a copy of FHM's December issue. Now!

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FHM's December issue also features other lovable reads. Like a list of the best new movies of the B variety, a profile of the new troll species (we're talking about the social media-inhabiting, digital kind), a guide on how to avoid raw deals on secondhand goods, and learning the science behind the headrush we experience when confronted with a woman’s cleavage!

But we know that, for now, you want more Meg. So here it is, more Meg, via a behind-the-scenes look at her cover shoot. Hit the gallery below!

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