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Aug 20, 2015
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Why do we have this feeling that today is turning out to be a damn good day? Oh, we know why: We just learned that Megan Fox is now single!

This obviously glorious piece of good news was first revealed by US Weekly which reported that America's unofficial pin-up girl and actor Brian Austin Green (of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame) have called it quits. The two were together for 11 long yearsa period of time wherein the rest of manfolk was reduced to mere spectators longing to have Megan Fox as their significant other.

Video via extratv

Apparently, things haven't been going as planned for the two for some time now. Specific reasons for the breakup are yet to be revealed, but an insider has said that "things have been rocky" for the former couple and that the two have actually already separated six months ago. Their union spawned two kids, Noah, 2, and Bodhi, 18 months.

Okay, this might not be that good a development to some, especially fans of Team Megreen (a totally made-up label in case you're wondering), and since breakups sometimes leave emotional scars, but can you really blame us for being ecstatic?

We mean, this possibly means the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star will have more chances to do these (read: being single opens up loads of opportunities, as they say) again:

megan foxGIF via Wifflegif.com

megan foxGIF via Airows.com

megan foxGIF via Acidcow.com

megan foxGIF via Lylesmoviefiles.com

megan foxGIF via Giphy.com

Then there's that part about her being in the market once again. Now where's that rusty old lamp... #WishKoLang