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Mar 19, 2014
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Welcome to Metro Manila. Here, only three things are for certain: death, taxes, and traffic.

If you're a driver or a commuter, we're sorry you have to endure this on a daily basis:


Traffic is everywhere, folks. It's making us  nauseous, and we're losing our battle against it. We really don't want to whine and complain without offering a worthy solution, but we really, really hope the government sees the photos we're about to show you. Just how bad are the driving and commuting conditions in Metro Manila? Check this out:

Our photographer arrived at the North Avenue Station just before seven in the morning, fully aware of what he's about to get into. The line, as seen in the video above, is sickening. The line in Araneta during the UAAP Finals pales in comparison.


If this photo doesn't look like it was taken in EDSA, that's because it wasn't. You are looking at the line stemming from Panay Avenue all the way to the Quezon Avenue Station.


What's the use of dressing up for work if this is what you're going to endure every single morning?


Obviously, no one's happy about it. The disgruntled dude in the middle used to be a morning person. Not anymore.


We used to think that if you want to skip the long line at North Avenue, you should go straight to Kamuning Station. But look at what we saw.

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Photos Jay Salva