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Traffic Laws You've Never Heard Of (But Are Being Implemented In Metro Manila)

You may be the most kickass driver in town, but do you know the List of Valid Excuses for Overspeeding, or the Anti-Karag-Karag Law? Yes,&nbsp;<em>may ganun</em>!
by Cia Juan | May 22, 2014
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Really? There are traffic laws in the Philippines? LOL.

Yeah, and there are actually three kinds: those that are obviously illegal (e.g. drunk driving), those that were invented by manong enforcer hoping to make kotong (e.g. making out in the car), and those that you’ve never heard of but are actually being implemented in Metro Manila.

You may be the most kickass driver in the whole wide universe, but do you know the List of Valid Excuses for Overspeeding, or the Anti-Karag-Karag Law? Yes, may ganun!

We bring you the not-so-popular traffic laws being implemented in Metro Manila and their corresponding penalties!

NOTE: The MMDA's traffic laws cover the major roads in Metro Manila (see infographic on page 3). For other roads, city ordinance prevail. 


MMDA enforcers can actually charge you with Arrogance/Discourtesy if you argue with them. So dude, no matter how bad trip you are, be nice

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PENALTY: A fine starting at P150 and you'll be required to attend a sermon seminar

HUWAG TULARAN: Remember this guy netizens called "Barney," who bullied an MMDA officer in August 2012? He ended up making a public apology after the MMDA filed a direct assault case against him. Meanwhile, the MMDA officer was promoted. 

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Planning to tint your windshield? What are you, a government official/drug lord/superstar who's a target of assassination? Are you driving a Lamborghini? Feelingero! 

Okay, you might just want to deflect the hot ass sun because you don't like migraines or skin cancer and it's friggin' 36 degrees in Metro Manila, but it's still illegal to tint your windshield. Sorry. So for now stick to the good 'ol windshield covers:

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PENALTY: A fine starting at P500


Dude, if your car is this baduy, please lang...

The MMDA can bust you for driving a dirty/unsightly dilapidated motor vehicle. You can petition the Supreme Court for economic discrimination later on, but in the meantime rules are rules, so i-junk shop mo na yan!

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PENALTY: A fine starting at P150 or confiscation of vehicle 


Pop quiz, drivers: Which one is illegal, swerving or increasing speed when being overtaken? 

If you answered swerving, you're so not updated dude! (Swerving is only illegal when it constitutes reckless driving and of course, when you're in a "no swerving" zone.)

Overtaking can give you more trouble if you commit the following violations:

  • Increasing speed when being overtaken - Increasing the speed of your motor vehicle before the overtaking vehicle has completely passed
  • Overtaking at an unsafe distance - Failure to pass at a safe distance to the left of another motor vehicle when overtaking that vehicle
  • Cutting an overtaken vehicle Driving to the right side of the highway after overtaking before your motor vehicle is safely clear of such overtaken vehicles
  • Failure to give way to an overtaking vehicle - Failure to give way to another vehicle approaching from the rear that wishes to overtake your vehicle when the former has given suitable and audible signal

PENALTY: A fine starting at P150

What's that? "Ang mura lang pala ng fine," you say? Well, this could also happen if you disobey these laws:

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NEXT: The List of Valid Excuses for Overspeeding 

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