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Mar 22, 2016
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With how (over)protective Maine Mendoza's fans are, we didn't think seeing their idol's name and FHM in one sentence could be possible.

But this afternoon, the unimaginable happened.

On Twitter, Kalyeserye and AlDub-themed pages have been tagging us to a black-and-white photo of Maine in what seems to be a black bikini along a beach.

The original post, from her personal Instagram account:

Soon, more photos of Maine killing it in a swimsuit surfaced.

Upon further investigation (via her Snapchat), it looks like the Dubsmash Queen and her family is currently out-of-town for the Holy Week break. And if we're lucky enough, this wouldn't be the last time we'll be seeing the funnywoman showing off her sexy side.

As for those lobbying "Maine for FHM," the ball is actually in her court.