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Military Intelligence

See what happens when two soldiers lacking "military intelligence" go hunting for rebels!<br />
| Aug 1, 2006
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Two AFP soldiers are rustling through the deep jungles of Mindanao. It is hot, arid, and the vegetation is so thick it looked like a scene from a Vietnam war movie. They are looking to make some money hunting for a couple of rebels. “How much is the reward again?” the slightly dumb soldier asks his smarter companion.” “If I’m not mistaken, some of them go for a million pesos a head!” “Wow pare!” the dumb soldier is in awe. “Wait, are you sure there are rebels here?” he pesters his partner to be sure. “Of course there are. I’ve checked our map and I’m quite sure the rebel camp is near here,” assures the smarter soldier. “Okay, let’s set up camp here and ambush the rebels in the morning,” the smart one adds. Soon they fall asleep. To their misfortune, the rebels—20 of them—spot the gringo soldiers. They surround the soldiers and poke their guns at them. The dumb soldier wakes up and is shocked. He wakes up the smart soldier. “Wake up, man! We’re rich! We’re rich!”
Chino, by email

Illustrations by: Mikke Gallardo

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