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Million People March @ Ayala: How to Hype a Rally the Old-Fashioned Way

This is how you do it
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 2, 2013
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You may have seen this thing on the news last night - Atty. Argee Guevara is urging everybody to take part in the second leg of The Million People March, which will happen in Ayala this Friday, October 4. The cause remains the same: This potentially massive rally is a cry for the president to abolish the pork barrel system, which, to this day, is still up in the air.

FHM was one of the few media outlets summoned by Atty. Guevera to cover their pre-rally rally in Ayala last Tuesday, and in the process, we were given a first hand crash course on how to hype a rally the old-fashioned way - no Facebook fan pages, no e-mail spams, and most certainly no permits, whatsoever. Read on and find out what we learned! 

1. Don the now-iconic Anti-Pork Barrel mask, wear your picket sign front and back, throw every bit of your conservative side out the window, and shout out "Oink, oink" as you stroll through the streets of Ayala. That ought to get the media to show up.

Million People March
2. When security barges in to ask if you have the necessary permits to do this kind of shenanigan, it helps that you have a well-known lawyer on your side to cite your rights as a rallying citizen. If all else fails, mention the names of the prominent figures you're associated with (they really do that). In this case, Atty. Guevara told the guard he's backed by Makati City mayor Junjun Binay, though we're not sure if he's just trolling. 

Million People March
3. For a much-desired motorcade effect, stroll down the escalator as a group and wave thy hands in the air.

Million People March
4. When things start to dwindle down, execute plan B - a rendezvous with the most prominent figure in the rally scene, Juana Change. That ought to get media men to really show up.

Million People March
NEXT: The part where you actually have to invite people

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