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Million People March @ Ayala: 7 Things We Can All Agree On

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by Mikey Agulto | Oct 4, 2013
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The Million People March in Ayala Avenue last Friday, where thousands of protesters once again cried for the abolishment of the pork barrel system, had more anti-P-Noy picket signs than we can remember, and it can only mean one thing: The president is losing the public's trust, and he better do something fast.

Those who haven't been watching the news may be wondering: Isn't Janet Napoles the baddie here? And why is P-Noy under fire here? In a nutshell, the hate on Aquino stems from his alleged decision to put millions of pesos of unused public funds in the Disbursement Acceleration Program, which ultimately went to the senators' budgets (which to some might seem as adding insult to injury). If you feel like catching up on this issue, click here.

But to those who were there or kept tabs of the protest, we have a few pointers and clarifications that we think are worth discussing. Read on and tell us if you agree that...

...We think we can all agree that while we're not certain that P-Noy is capable of graft and corruption (his track record was squeaky clean prior to this), the president just made a big boo-boo in the public's eye with the Priority Development Assistance Fund and the Disbursement Acceleration Program.

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...We think we can all agree that while an ousting is a good start, it is not necessarily the solution to this issue. A change in the system perhaps? "Kung ako masusunod, ang gusto kong mangyari ay ma-scrap ng tuluyan ang pork barrel," says Juana Change. Most of the people are against pork barrel, but not all of them are against the president.

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...We think we can all agree how ironic it is that towering above all the "Impeach P-Noy" and "De-pork the King" picket signs is a bronze monument of the president's father. And it's extra ironic that a massive public procession for Cory also happened in this very place in '09. Boy, if only this statue could talk.

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...We think we can all agree that, while it failed to match the size of the first one (the estimated total number of attendees last Friday was 2,600), the Million People March wasn't a mere overnight phenomenon, and that protests and awareness movements such as this one will continue to take place until the public gets what it deserves.

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