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Movement 69’s Graffiti Art: At an MRT Station Near You Soon!

Vandals get their due
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 19, 2012
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Perhaps, a disclaimer: Movement 69 is not a campaign to get more people to engage in the infamous sex position. That is unnecessary, and an utter waste of time.

A waste of time, Movement 69 is not; it is an art group of Secret Fresh, a gallery that is quickly becoming a goldmine for uncovering new talents in the creative field. The gallery, located at the Ronac Art Center in Greenhills, hosts exhibits for up-and-coming artists experimenting in all sorts of mediums, from visual pieces in traditional forms to limited edition toys and prints. Secret Fresh’s manifesto boils down to showcasing art that’s, well, fresh.

During Design Week Philippines 2012, a bi-annual celebration of Filipino graphic design and creativity held during October and March instituted by the President himself, Secret Fresh and the said group showed exactly what they’re made of.

Commissioned by Manila FAME, a Department of Trade and Tourism committee that aims to showcase the latest design trends, Movement 69 did their magic during the said expo, which happened last March 11 to 17, 2012.

Four huge 16 X 10-meter “Walls of Art” lined along the second floor of the SMX Convention Center were handed out to these Movement 69 spray-paint savants: Exld, Egg Fiasco, Tripp63, A.lien, Whoop and Nemo Aguila. These six artists were also joined by Tawnie Tantay, the only female participant in this paint party. All of them are members of Pilipinas Street Plan, the country’s premier graffiti group.

Their challenge: to depict Manila street life, and to destroy the notion of street art as vandalism.

With paintbrushes in hand, spray cans, and even ladders to reach those high parts, these artists soon gave life to some vacuous walls around the city.

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Check out the artists we mentioned above, as well as their works, all of which will be exhibited in an MRT station near you soon.

For more information regarding Secret Fresh and the artists, please contact 5709815 local 7, and Heidi Franco at 09064445183. You may also e-mail

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