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#FHMMyrtleRawrrr: Myrtle's 9 Sexiest Cosplay Costumes Of All Time!

<em>FHM</em>'s November 2014 cover girl, Myrtle Sarrosa, shares her most eye-popping cosplay photos!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 20, 2014
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If you've been visiting us regularly, you know that the alarmingly-cute-cosplay-princess-turned-scorching-FHM-cover-girl has turned November into a month we'd never forget. Weeks ago, at the FHM Halloween Ball, Myrtle Sarrosa emerged as the night's biggest star as she appeared on stage as DC comics' intergalactic purple heroine, Starfire—the perfect costume to show off her toned waist and full hips.

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At that point, we knew it: We've fallen in love with the PBB Teens grand champ. We wanted more, so we asked her for more. Here below: 10 of our November 2014 cover girl's hottest costumed get-ups, straight from the source herself!


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Poison Ivy loves plants. So we asked Myrtle what her three favorite vegetables are. She goes, "Ampalaya, carrots, and cauliflower!" We violently react: "Bakit ampalaya?!"  

She reasons out, "Eh kasi nung sa Pinoy Big Brother, ampalaya yung pinakain sa amin eh! Eventually nagustuhan ko na talaga siya. Ha ha!"


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Sexy ninja girls litter comic books and animes. So, along with Psylocke, who are the sexiest ninjas for Myrtle? She goes, "Si Misao from Samurai X siyempre classic. Of course, ang dami niyan sa Naruto, but I'd pick the blonde ninja Samui."

Samui's a pretty busty ninja when we searched on Google, but does Myrtle think that Samui ranks first in the Naruto universe. She says no: "Mas sexy si Naruto when he uses his Sexy-No-Jutsu technique!"

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Apparently, it's this one:

(Hey Myrtle, costume idea?)

3)   NONON

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Nonon is from the anime Kill la Kill where schoolgirls beat evil people up. Nonon is one of them, and she does so with the use Don't ask, we don't know how either. Logically, the only inquiry that we could throw Myrtle's way was this: "If WWE wrestler ka, what would your entrance song be?" 

Her answer: "Samurai X's opening song, 'Sobakasu'"

How could you not like a girl that really knows her Samurai X?!


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This non-Marvel, non-DC heroine (she's from Image Comics) might not be the most popular character in town, but Myrtle's skin-hugging ensemble immediately had us Googling "Velocity comics sexy." 

What we found out: She's a cyborg. What we then asked Myrtle: "Kung robot ka, anong klaseng robot ka?"

Slightly befuddled by our question, she composes herself before answering that she'd like to be a robot that could travel at sonic speed. "Gusto kong lampasan lahat ng kotse sa EDSA pag traffic!" she quips, echoing what everyone in the room would nod their head to.


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Ah, yes, that glorious inter-planetary lifeform with a penchant for glossy purple bikinis. Myrtle says it's her most daring costume yet, made only bolder by the fact that she debuted it at an FHM event.

Four words: We all loved it. 

She then revealed some facts about wearing this skimpy super get-up:

a) Myrtle had to choose between two versions of Starfire

The one from Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans:

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And the one from the comics:

It was FHM stylist Badj Genato who convinced her to go with the comics' version. Quick FHM Nation, let's all pool our money and give Badj a quadruple Christmas bonus! Thank you, Badj!

b) Myrtle accidentally damaged her high-heeled shoes while practicing her walk backstage

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She recalls, "Kaya when I walked, I was very, very, very, very careful. A small mistake here, and mababali na yung stem nung sapatos. At the very least though, nawala yung kaba ko because I was completely distracted by the shoe situation. Ha ha!"

c) Starfire has the ability to learn a new language by kissing someone who speaks the language. So it had to be asked: "Myrtle, when was your first kiss?"

She answers, "17 ako when I was first kissed by a boy. It was awful kasi ninakaw lang niya yung kiss bigla!"


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Wolverine or Cyclops? Myrtle says that she strongly prefers Cyclops over Wolverine. Wolvie's rugged, bad boy charms don't work on her; she's more attracted to the fact that the mature, sensible Cyclops wears shades all the time. Sorry, bub!


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According to Wikipedia, Erza is an S-Class Mage who's part of Team Natsu in the anime Fairy Tail. More so, the character's trademark is that she has the ability to summon any weapon during battle.

What kind of weapon would Myrtle summon if she could choose just one? "Hmm, I think I'd go for Tony Stark's Iron Man suit because it has pretty much...everything! Anything you need from a weapon, the suit has it," she answers.

Would she do a cosplay of a female version of the Iron Man suit? "Ano yun, may boobs?" she hits back. We nod and she tells us that sure, she'll put it in the list. You're welcome, gentlemen.


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The child-like Yoshino is from the anime Date A Live, and that thing on her hand right hand is Yoshinon—a puppet that causes Yoshino to throw a terrible tantrum whenever it is lost.

Has Myrtle ever had a relationship with a plaything like that? She says yes. She was and still is obsessed with a Japanese teddy bear called Rilakkuma:

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She tells us that she now has over a hundred of these, some of which came from fans. She also warns us to not confuse the Rilakkuma with the equally cute but a hundred times more devious child-hunting Pedo-bear:

"Magkaiba sila!" she screams. Oh God, it's so hard to tell the difference!

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Miku Hatsune is a "vocaloid," an animated pop star singing her own hits, who recently performed on The David Letterman Show and had a "collab" with Pharell.

If Myrtle could be Miku for a day, and had to perform at an FHM thing, she says that she'll open with that lively doo-wop pop hit, Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" and close with a rendition of a Pokémon classic, "Jigglypuff's Song."

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"To make all of you guys fall asleep!" she finishes.

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