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Feb 14, 2014
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Whatever your current state may be when it comes to matters of the heart, the upcoming weekend IS the best weekend ever thus far in 2014.

If you have a girlfriend, it's Valentine's and we bet that the fireworks are going to be awesome—especially if you've been paying attention to our romansahan guides.

On the other hand, if you don't have a girlfriend, well, fret not because the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend is here to give you a soft, squishy hug!

Yes, basketball addicts, the basketball equivalent to the Grammys take place in New Orleans from February 15 to 17 (Philippine time). The mid-season spectacle honors the 24 best basketball players in the planet via the most prestigious playground exhibition in the land, the All-Star Game.

It also puts the spotlight on the game's high-flyers through the Dunk Contest; the best snipers in the Three-Point Shootout, the most skilled court generals in the Skills Challenge; and the best basketball players...that can make half-court shots in the Shooting Stars segment.

But you knew all that already, didn't you?

But did you also know that a certain Michael Jordan is participating in the weekend's festivities this year? Yes, he is, brothaman, and that's one of the ten things we're looking forward to at this year's All-Star awesomeness! Consider the list below as your hype sheet for this hoops party!

1) Witness: the most star-studded dunk contest in 26 years

Check out the lineup: Terrence Ross, John Wall, Paul George, Harrison Barnes, Damian Lillard, Ben McLemore. All high-flyers, yes, but take a closer look, three names stick out: Wall, George, and Lillard.

These three aren't only dunk contest participants; they're also part of the 2014 All-Stars. The last time three all-stars suited up for the contest was way back in 1988, when Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, and Michael Jordan tried to out-slam one another. MJ won.


With these big names on the ballot, the contest packs some extra sheen to it. As for the other participants? Well, we're betting that their pride won't allow them to come up with cookie-cutter slams.

We're especially excited for Paul George who performed this Vince Carter-inspired slam during a game:


Paying our respects to current defending champ, Terrence Ross, the player also performed an in-game dunk that had us going "OH YEAH!" as well:


2) Damian Lillard will be EVERYWHERE

Like literally. The Portland star will be making history in this year's festivities as he becomes the first player to participate in all the major events this weekend—except for that gimmick-y Shooting Stars thing.

He'll be dunkin' in the Dunk Contest, shootin' threes in the long-range shootout, navigating obstacles in the Skills Challenge, and playing in both the Rising Stars rookie-sophomore game, and the All-Star game. It's going to be a very busy weekend for the playmaker who has led the Trailblazers to one of the best records in the league right now.

Says Lillard in a report by USA TODAY: "A lot of people don't get the opportunity. So I just felt like it was something that had never been done, and I'm capable of doing all the things that need to be done in all the competitions, so I figured why not go out and be the first one to do everything and get that experience?"


And with highlights like the ones below, who wouldn't want him participating in all those contests?


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