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May 27, 2015
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Last week, we introduced you to Nela Zisser, the former New Zealand Miss Earth who can devour a one-kilo burrito in just under two minutes—one minute and 44 seconds to be exact.

Video via Nela Zisser

And now, the beautiful burrito destroyer is back with another chomp-tastic feat!

In her latest video, Nela aims to vanquish an even bigger meat wrap, this time a cross between a Mexican cylinder and a Japanese lizard monster: the five-pound, eighteen-inch Burritozilla.

That's five heaping pounds of "bread, rice, beans, meat, lettuce, tomato salsa, guacamole, cheese, hot sauce, sour cream"! That's already half as much as The Rock's grueling daily diet!

To give you an idea how big of a meal is five pounds, here are some of the things that weigh that much:

1)   An adult Chihuahua

GIF via Hilariousgifs.com

2)   One of these dumbbells

Photo via Noexcuseshealth.wordpress.com 

3)   20 of these babies

Photo via Mcdonalds.com.au

4)   A pair of work boots (hammer not included)

Photo via Lifelinecdc.files.wordpress.com

5)   A bag of potatoes

Photo via Wadafarms.com

So, was she able to finish all of it or was the meal too, uhm, big for her pretty little mouth?

See for yourself:

Video via Nela Zisser

What's even more impressive is that she did it in under five minutes! Zisser: 2, Burritokind: 0.