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Oct 18, 2017
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ICYMI: Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward just suffered a horrific leg injury. The newly acquired talent was supposed to be one of the Celtics franchise’s centerpieces, paired with prized guard Kyrie Irving.

But their hopes of competing with their new roster were dashed during the first quarter of their opening game with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Just a warning though, the video below is a bit graphic.


These reactions from both Cavs and Celtics players summarize the seriousness of what occurred.

The Celtics later on announced that Hayward was diagnosed with a fractured left ankle.

Meanwhile, the whole NBA came together and support for Hayward swelled on social media.

Of course, there are also some who don't know when to hit the brakes. Show some compassion, Skip, and stop hating on LeBron for a sec:

Of course, some netizens also came up with memes to lighten up the tense situation.

Quite literally

Hell naw

Kyrie’s in trouble

Derrick Rose knows that feeling all too well...

All our thoughts and prayers go out to Gordon Hayward. His injury was unfortunate but he went down like a real man. Get well soon, G!