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Jul 16, 2015
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Kickstart your weekend with the best stuff we found all over the Internet during the past few days!

Learn about a bunch of the coolest crowdfunding projects online, find out about fresh and awesome tidbits about popular movies and TV shows, and get to know some of the finest women in the world (including a '90s Mexicanovela heartthrob who still has it!) in this week’s list of essential man knowledge!

We didn’t know we needed a hot tub duyan until we saw the Hydro Hammock’s Kickstarter page. It’s basically a hammock that you fill with water so you can soak while swinging. We need it!

15 thingsImage via Hydrohammock.com

Here’s another crowdfunding project that could use (and deserves) a lot of support: the Bloxers, which prevent awkward boners from showing through your clothes. NEED.

Video via Bloxers

Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Elle Macpherson is 51 years old, but she still looks every inch the goddess she was back in the '80s. Unbelievable.

15 thingsImage via Tmz.com

Here’s another woman who has aged better than fine wine: Thalia, who miraculously still looks like the Latina bombshell we all fell in love with in the ‘90s. Say it with us: "Marimar, aw!"

Video via Lori Lane

Distractify got a bunch of mothers to guess the meaning of some porn terms, and the results were pretty much reassuring. We’d probably be scarred for life if they got a perfect score!

Video via Distractify

We’ve found our new favorite Instagram account: Imnotathirdwheel, which documents a guy’s life as the perpetual third wheel of his brother and his female best friend. Taas kamay lahat ng nakaka-relate!

15 things

We knew there was a solid reason behind our adoration for Eminem. Case in point: He wrote a lovely letter to Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur, which he enclosed with a wicked drawing of her son, in the aftermath of the "California Love" rapper’s death. If that won’t make you admire Eminem, then maybe his penmanship will—his handwriting’s nicer than what some girls we know can manage!

15 thingsImage via Rollingstone.com

We’re not really into musicals but, damn, we will gladly fall in line for days to buy tickets for a Fight Club rock opera. We repeat: a Fight Club rock opera. We know you want it, too!

15 things

This three-minute footage of a guy’s four-month hike through North America’s Pacific Crest Trail is guaranteed to ignite your wanderlust. Must-watch!


Video via Halfway Anywhere

What do you guys think of a live action Archie series? Sure, it’s based on a comic series, but there are no superheroes or anything, so it’s weird. Or is it? Thoughts, guys?

15 thingsImage via Mtv.com

The Walking Dead
’s Season Six trailer is out, and it looks awesome, with more living people and way more of the undead. We can’t wait for October!

Video via FOX International Channels

Speaking of trailers, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that was released during Comic-Con is crazy intense. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch it now!

Video via Warner Bros. Pictures

So rock god Dave Grohl saw a fan holding up a sign during his concert saying "it’s my birthday can I play drums," and the Foo Fighters singer, who was playing while seated on his rocker throne, let him, much to everyone’s delight. What a lucky guy.

Video via Anthony Bifolchi

An audition reel of your favorite Game of Thrones stars was released during Comic-Con, and it was pure gold. Definitely a must-see for all GOT fans out there.

Video via GameofThrones

Gents, meet Olivia Jordan, the new Miss USA 2015. She’s 26, hails from Oklahoma, and is a total blonde bombshell who you should be stalking following on Instagram right now.

15 things