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A Sexy Gaming Setup, An Earth-Shattering Dunk-Off, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Man toys and insane antics up ahead!
by Mars Salazar | Aug 7, 2015
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Ward off the rainy day blues with some very important bro-approved bits!

Read on for some potential Christmas stocking stuffers, cool new movie trailers (Deadpool, anyone?), and an epic dunk-off you won't see in the PBA or even the NBA in this week’s dose of man knowledge!

Need something to cheer you up? Just check out this photo of an orphaned baby kangaroo hugging it out with a teddy bear. All the feels, man.

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15 things a man must know

Instead of a fancy reception, a Turkish couple opted to spend the rest of their wedding day feeding almost 4,000 Syrian refugees who weren’t able to stay in refugee camps. Faith in humanity, restored!

Video via Kimse Yok Mu

You think you still have a chance with KC Concepcion? Sorry guys, but the European dude she’s dating these days owns a castle. That’s right, a mother-freaking castle! We can all just give up now.

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As Beyonce and Jay-Z put it, all we need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend…and a 7'5" $430 (about P19,700) Baymax sofa bed to cuddle on. This is totally going on our Christmas wishlist!

15 things a man must knowImage via

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Note: Cute girl not included

Cristiano Ronaldo disguised himself as a fat, middle-aged man to do some mighty slick football tricks in the middle of Madrid’s busy streets for a prank…and nobody recognized him, until he took off his costume while signing a ball for a kid. But our favorite bit would have to be at 1:16—watch it to find out why! (We bet she regrets it now…)

Video via AshStudio7

Speaking of Ronaldo, the guy plonked down a few million euros to give his agent Jorge Mendes an awesome wedding gift: a goddamn Greek island! He’s not just a best man—he’s THE best, man!

15 things a man must knowGIF via

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So you’re playing Witcher on your brand-new, fancy-ass gaming laptop? That’s cool, bro. But not as cool as Dan Bilzerian’s gaming setup, which of course has a few hot, underwear-clad women loafing about. We jealous!

15 things a man must know

So the Lexus Hoverboard is here and it looks SO FREAKIN' COOL. Okay, it still has a lot of room for improvement, and it sure looks pretty hard to steer, but hey, it’s still a hoverboard, and we’d gladly test it out any day!

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Video via Lexus International

Click here to know more about this hi-tech marvel.

Blake Griffin dukes it out with Marvin The Martian in a battle for the most earth-shattering dunk the world has ever seen in this teaser for the Jordan Super.Fly 4s. If this isn’t a confirmation that Space Jam 2 is real, we don’t know what is!

Video via Jordan

Make sure there are no kids in the vicinity while watching the first official Deadpool trailer, which is one part hilarious and one part exceedingly violent. We’re still gonna watch it!

Video via 20th Century Fox

Click here to know more about the bloody trailer.

After rock gods Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani called it quits after 13 years of marriage, Kermit and Miss Piggy have also announced that they are finally breaking up after so many decades of what we guess involved very uncomfortable sex. Wala talagang forever, guys.

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15 things a man must knowGIF via ilovewrestlinggifs

Click here to know more about this childhood-shattering news.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s on a roll: After Southpaw, the dude is now conquering the highest mountain in the world as you’ll see in this trailer for Everest, which looks to be one of the most goddamn intense movies you’ll see this year.

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Video via Movieclips Trailers

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