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Nov 11, 2014
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Four score and seven years ago—wait, scratch that. Fifteen score and one year ago to be exact, "The Gettysburg Address" was made by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln in Pennsylvania. It is arguably the greatest speech of all-time, pinning the principles of human equality championed by the Declaration of Independence.

But we’re not here to discuss serious historical milestones! Let your teachers do that for you! We’re here for more entertaining and fascinating history! The ones involving movies, music, literature, sports, and everything in between! It doesn’t matter if we sound like an infomercial!

November isn’t just Halloween month. It’s also the birth month of a phenomenal musical phrase (not “Bieber Fever”), a Japanese monster, a popular board game, a landmark TV show, a notorious basketball brawl, a couple of FHM Cover Girls, and a tagos-sa-puso romantic film. We don’t need a three-month rule (hint!) to give you another edition of our highly educational Pop Culture History!

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