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Jan 21, 2014
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Have you heard about the Salvadorean nun who went to a hospital complaining of stomach cramps, only to end up giving birth to a baby boy? Crazy, right?

Roxana Rodriguez, a sister whose primary duty is to care for her superiors in a convent in Rome, was told by doctors that she was heavily pregnant. Her response: "But I cannot be giving birth to a baby. I am a nun!" Our sentiments, exactly!

Roxana has yet to reveal who her baby daddy is and whether she's indeed sexually active, but she insists that she's keeping the baby and has decided to name the boy Francesco, after Pope Francis. And while her future in the convent remains unclear at the moment, their local bishop and the public have been extremely supportive of her plight.

Congratulations on your newborn, sister, but this is totally as weird as it gets!

Roxana, however, isn't alone in this department. We're sorry for pointing this out, but it turns out even nuns are capable of acting rowdy. Scroll down to see some of the craziest nun stories in history

NunsNote: The ladies featured above are not nuns in real-life. Duh!