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This Sexy Nurse Is Giving Away Free Testicle Examinations!

What would you say if a hot nurse asked if she could examine your balls?
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 24, 2014
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What if a nurse (or at least a sexy lady pretending to be a nurse) came up to you in the street and asked, "Can I touch your balls?"

How would you react?

We see several possible responses:

a) "Kailangan ko ba magbayad?"
"No. Magagalit ang girlfriend ko."
c) "Okay...pero puwede ba makuha number mo pagkatapos?"

But if you're a guy's guy, someone who lets the Head Down There do all the thinking, the answer is undoubtedly simple: "Game." Especially if said nurse looks like this:

Holy cow! Now there's a nurse who makes us want to get confined in the hospital for an entire year at least!

Her name is Marissa, and she is part of YouTube channel Simple Pickup's newest viral hit "Giving Testicular Exams in Public for Charity." From the same guys that brought us thought-provoking works of art such as "Fat Girl Tinder Date," and "Emo Guys Pick Up Girls," Simple Pickup is back with a social experiment that essentially asks: "Will guys let a stranger touch their balls if the said stranger is a hot girl?" 

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The video goes like this...

1)   Hot girl in nurse costume appears

2)   Guy can't believe his luck

3)   He "reluctantly" agrees after some convincing

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4)   He zips down

5)   He secretly enjoys it

6)   He can't quite decide if he won or lost on this one

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It's all for charity of course, as the popular YouTube channel has promised to donate US$100 for every volunteer or for every 100,000 views on the video as part of the worldwide men's health awareness campaign called Movember. Currently, it has 3.7 million views since its upload on November 18, 2014. You can add to the total by clicking play below:

Video via
Simple Pickup

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