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May 26, 2014
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Do you want to hear something crazy? One Direction's Manila concert is not until March 2015, but we're pretty sure the tickets are already sold out. And we know that because thousands of Pinoys literally flocked the SM Mall of Asia Arena last week to call dibs on the best seats in the house.

Want to hear something crazier? The arena closed their windows within hours, and the concert promoters were forced to promise a second concert date on the spot. They had no choice; girls cried in shock and disbelief after they learned there were no tickets left.

One Direction

If you're interested to know how it all went down (and want to see fan girl-ing Pinoy style), read on!

GMA reporter Athena Imperial posted the following photo
on Twitter moments before the doors of the SM Mall of Asia Arena were opened to the public. According to reports, eager fan girls camped outside of the arena more than 24 hours before the tickets officially went on sale.

One Direction

The photo below was posted by ABS-CBN News on its Facebook page. What's funny is these kids are more than willing to wait in line for a pair of tickets, but can't seem to express the same kind of enthusiasm when it comes to things like voting registration. There isn't much difference, you know.

One Direction

According to Ginger Conejero, more than 4,000 people lined up to purchase tickets, most of whom were tweeners, bekis, and their very supportive parents.

One Direction

These kids, who came all the way from Cavite, couldn't contain their excitement and even belted out "What Makes You Beautiful" live. Little did they know that a few minutes later, cries of despair and disappointment would cloud the entire arena.

One Direction

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