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LOOK: This Paint Splashes Pee Back At Public Urinators!

Don’t pee here again!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jul 30, 2015

Instant karma awaits those who choose to relieve themselves in the streets of San Francisco.

Last week, SF officials started painting the walls of the city with a clear coat sealant known as Ultra-Ever-Day. The paint contains chemicals which are capable of repelling almost anything liquid. Aside from walls, it also works on gloves, shoes, and hammers.

SanFo Public Works Department Spokeswoman Rachel Gordon told Reuters that the idea is to make people "think twice about urinating in public." She added that they have posted signs on the walls cautioning urinators of the risk they may face if they empty their bladder on that particular area. It's written in English, Chinese, and Spanish. (A suggestion: You need a Filipino sign!)

Check out this testing video:

Think that was cool? Wait until you see how it works on other objects:

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