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Aug 15, 2016
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The national emergency hotline isn't quite ready yet. It seems that more time is need for the transition of all emergency numbers to the 911 system, which the government had launched on August 1.

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar explained that the process of "collapsing all local and national emergency numbers into the 911 emergency system" is still ongoing.

In fact, as Philstar reported, "Marikina City—which is often the first to get flooded in Metro Manila—was found using its emergency number 161 to respond to calls for help on Friday (August 12) and Saturday (August 13), when the river there swelled."

Andanar added that Globe Telecom "has asked for 45 days more from August 27 to migrate its 8888 customer service number and assign it to the government’s hotline 8888."