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Jun 6, 2013
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Y'all are in the know about the tension surrounding Philippines and Taiwan at the moment, yes? How a Taiwanese fisherman was killed by Philippine Coast Guard officers in Batanes last month, and how our beloved OFWs are getting harassed by angry Taiwanese folks because of said incident? Man, this is just...sad.

But after weeks of mounting tension, we might have just found a way to rekindle our bro-mance with Taipei: Gents, meet charming TV5 reporter Michelle Mediana! The Taiwanese media, along with a very vocal majority of their citizens, are currently going bonkers over Michelle. Why frigging so? Well, as we understand it, they are really fascinated with her, ahem, Pinay beauty.

Watch and be mesmerized...


Michelle, or "Mischi" as the Taiwanese likes to call her, was sent by TV5 to cover the aftermath of an harrassment incident involving OFWs in Taiwan. She ended up being hounded by their local media, even landing on the front page of several publications. Blog sites featuring her photo are getting thousands of hits, while a multitude of Taiwanese men and women are dying to know if she has a boyfriend. "We think she looks like a model, she's really pretty," says one Taiwanese reporter to ANC in the video above. "You can really spot her in the crowd."

There's even now a growing speculation in Taiwan that we sent Michelle over to appease them. People over there are also now pushing for her to be the next Philippine ambassador to Taiwan, albeit jokingly. "They're all wondering why you sent the prettiest reporter here," adds Sui. "Maybe it's to catch some attention." Score another one for the pretty lady!

We're all about providing you a still photo of Michelle Mediana, but the Taiwanese are already doing all the work for us. Chinese-speaking bros, what does this one say?

Michelle Mediana
Ain't she cute? Here are more snapshots...

Cute TV reporters                                   Image taken from ABS-CBN reporter Nikolo Baua's Instagram account

Cute TV reporters                                                                            Image courtesy of Interaksyon

From this day forward, we propose that cute TV reporters should be our new diplomatic solution for any country that had done us wrong (and vice versa). Now jump to the next page to find out which reporters could potentially follow Michelle's crisis-altering footsteps.

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