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Dec 20, 2014
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Merry Christmas, FHM Nation! If you have a loved one who happens to be a seaman overseas, what we have in store for you today will put a smile on your face.

As we all know, the life of a seaman is full of sacrifices, loneliness, and boredom. The ocean's emptiness can really get to a person. So, to show to their loved ones that they're doing just fine, the boys of The Inca Queen vessel recorded a little dance number and uploaded it on YouTube.


Video via Johnny derx

See, there's not a single boo-boo in the world dancing can't fix. If a bunch of seamen—a number of them reportedly Noypis—can find a way to spread the love from the middle of nowhere, then nothing should stop us from doing the same.

Let's make sure this video goes viral, FHM Nation!