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Feb 11, 2014
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So over 12 million Filipinos are unemployed right now. Bummer.

According to a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, the country's unemployment rate rose to 27.5 percent, or an estimated 12.1 million individuals, as 2.5 million Filipinos joined the ranks of the jobless between the months of September and December 2013. The level of joblessness across the country is now almost six points higher than July-September's 21.7 percent (around nine million individuals).

You know what this means? This means three million Pinoys lost their jobs in the last quarter of last year alone. Isn't that alarming? Wait, aren't we supposed to be the next tiger economy? Anyare!?

You can blame it on Yolanda and other natural calamities. You can blame it on layoffs and botched contracts. You can even blame it on Napoles. To our brothers and sisters who are having a tough time finding jobs at the moment, we feel you. Be patient, okay?

But we're all about finding the silver lining here. If it makes you feel any better, there are plenty of upsides to being unemployed. No, really, we mean it.

Here are a few examples:

1. You don't have to endure the mind-boggling pain of having to wake up to an alarm clock.


2. You don't have to know how it feels like to be in a can of sardines.


3. You finally get to see what the fuzz with Maya and Sir Chief is all about.


4.  You get to be that one friend who's always there when someone in the gang needs a crying shoulder/drinking buddy.

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