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CONGRASHULESYONS: How Pinoys Became The World's 3rd Heaviest Drinkers

"Shabe nah eh, may...may...may magandung dhulut etong genagawa-uhk natin!" said every Pinoy sunog baga upon hearing of the "feat"    
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 5, 2014
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Pinoys, we did it again. Cheers!

Euromonitor, an international research company on market strategies, has just revealed that the Philippines ranks third on their list of the world's heaviest drinkers, trumping countries such as Japan (#5), Brazil (#9), and the United States (#10). Unsurprisingly, South Korea (#1) and Russia (#2) got the top nods.

According to the study, Filipinos drink an average of 5.4 shots of any spirit—vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey, brandy, and lambanog per week. Americans, in comparison, only consume an average of 3.3 shots. No wonder sh*t happens when Pinoys get drunk!


Arts and entertainment website describes the Pinoy boozer as such:

"Filipino festivities are incomplete without alcohol. Generally, beer is a favorite there, followed by wine and lambanog, or coconut whiskey. Lambanog is known as a poor man's drink, popular among farmers throughout the Philippines due to the country's bountiful coconut trees and rather inexpensive distilling process.

And when they're not partying, many Filipinos hang out together in front of their houses and convenience stores drinking gin and tonics. In recent years, Filipinos have adopted a more western approach to drinking - portraying it on TV as sexy and glamorous—along with the problems associated with this. The country's drinking age is 18, but due to lax monitoring, minors still buy booze."

Boy, their profiling sure is spot on. Pinoys like to watch porn and drink booze. Uhm, congratulations?

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We were going to tell you to celebrate, but we figured you're all probably already chugging it down as we speak. Hinay-hinay lang, oks?
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