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Planet Woman: Your Dying Words As the World Ends

Goodbye, girls!
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 20, 2012
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We're about to hit full swing on the biggest countdown in all of human existence. In quarks of seconds, in protons of minutes, and in atoms of hours…the world will reportedly meet its inevitable demise. (By golly, this is sinking in real fast.)

Hey Mr. Mayan, sir, please be wrong?

So, in what could be the final edition of FHM's Planet Woman, we ask some lovely ladies for the very last time: What will be your dying words before the world bites the dust for good? Bid goodbye to a long-time lover, perhaps? Say sorry to those you've wronged all these years, maybe? Curse the gods for ending this whole shebang four days before Christmas? These statements sound more sentimental coming from them. Hit the gallery below! Adios, FHM Nation...forever.

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