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Mar 14, 2014
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Youtube can teach us some pretty nifty things that we could use in real life, in school, and in the professional arena.

But it can also teach us awesomely cool but ultimately useless tricks that do little beyond impressing our friends during an inuman.

And if you're anything like us, you know that the latter is all that really matters--especially with the weekend comin' and you ain't got no new tricks to show to your friends!

Youtube is home to a countless number of tricks but today we focus on something that's always been considered taboo when we were kids: playing with fire.

Now that we're freakin' grown-ups, well, you can't tell us what to do now, mom!

(DISCLAIMER: We love you, mom, and to all who may want to try these flame tricks at home, it's up to you, but we won't pay for any eyebrow reconstruction operation if you injure yourself)

1) Gents, The Dubstep Fire Equalizer


What's it good for: Bored with your typical computer audio equalizer? Then this analog, and completely dangerous set-up might just be what you need to set your playlist on fire--literally.

Will we try it? Well, those dubstep flames sure look cool.

2) Turn Your Ordinary Coffee Creamer Into A FLAMETHROWER!


What's it good for: For anyone who's gotten tired of their morning coffee routine, and want their coffee to be a little bit hotter, this trick's for you.

Will we try it? This would be a great way to dispose of all those creamers we've stolen from hotels over the years.

3) The Great Fire Hand Zippo Lighter Magic Trick


What's it good for: For getting your drunken friends to go "Woah, paano mo ginawa yun?"

Will we try it? The simplest of trick can look terribly awesome to anyone who's slightly tipsy.

4) Create an Alcohol Stove from a Beer Can


What's it good for: For the zombie apocalypse, as the video mentions. Great for campers that always forget to bring a stove but never forget to bring the beer.

Will we try it? It's a good way to recycle those beer cans and turn them into something semi-useful.

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