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Bato On Drug Test: '11 Tested Positive, It's Alarming'

The PNP Chief is not happy with the results
by Krizzy Enaje | Jul 5, 2016
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Eleven out of 2,405 policemen yielded positive results for illegal drug use during the surprise drug test ordered by Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald Dela Rosa, just hours after he officially assumed office.

Should the policemen again test positive during confirmatory tests, they will face a precharge investigation and eventually be dismissed from service, the Inquirer reported.

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“I have zero tolerance for drugs, so the fact that 11 tested positive, it’s alarming,” Dela Rosa said, mainly referring to two high-ranking police officers who tested positive.

“It’s angering, shameful and hateful to have policemen like these. They’re the ones who are supposed to catch drug addicts but it turns out they are the ones who are drug addicts. They don’t deserve another day in office,” he added.

Following the drug test results, Dela Rosa ordered the transfer to Mindanao of around 20 policemen, who are allegedly participating in illegal drug activities, to fight insurgents.

He also said the PNP will soon conduct a crackdown against cops who resell illegal drugs they seize during police operations.


The PNP chief earlier issued a 48-hour deadline for police protectors of drug rings to surrender or face the ruthless war against drugs but was disappointed when no one turned themselves in.

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President Rodrigo Duterte for his part named five police generals who were allegedly involved in protecting the illegal drug trade.


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