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Jan 29, 2014
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When Pinoys power trip, this is what happens.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that at least 10 Philippine National Police (PNP) officers were sacked after getting caught playing a so-called game of "Wheel of Torture" at a secret detention facility. The game, which was implemented at the expense of up to 41 detainees, has reportedly been made to extract information from criminal suspects. Whoa!

Wheel of Torture

Here's how it works: If the multi-colored wheel lands on "20 Seconds Manny Pacman," the detainee will serve as a human punching bag for a span of 20 seconds. The "30 Seconds Paniki," meanwhile, means the detainee has to be hung upside down for a half a minute. Get the idea? Wait, this awfully sounds like something cops from the Martial Law era would do!

Fortunately, several of these men are now in custody and an investigation is already under way. To the police officers who carried this shady procedure for so long: Bad boys kayo. Would you like to have taste of your own medicine?


What you have above is FHM's version of the Wheel of Torture, only this time it's made specifically for those who've made a big boo-boo these past few months. Scroll down to see what we have in store for Janet Napoles, Calvin Abueva, and Wally Bayola, among others!

For Janet Lim Napoles
Ligo Pera, Ligo Barya

How does it work?
Mrs. Napoles, since you keep a sum of your money on your bathtub anyway, papaliguan ka na lang namin ng isang bilyong piso...pero puro barya. Deal?


For Wally Bayola
- Die by Cream and Pie

How does it work?
Wally's hands and feet will be tied to a bed as the members of the EB Babes throw cake icing and whip cream at him. We're sure he wouldn't mindhe's done this a thousand times in "Bulagaan" before.


For Raymond "Boy Bulalo" Diong -
Isang Bandehadong Bulalo

How does it work?
Kuya, we're challenging you to slurp down a boat load of cup noodles in one sitting. If you accomplish it, we'll give you the phone number of the female employee you were hitting on the other week. If you don't, however, we'll spill the leftover sabaw on your pants.

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Illustration Mark Jesalva