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Dec 23, 2014
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The holiday season is literally the most colorful time of the yearChristmas lights and all sorts of parols are freakin' everywhere!

And we bet your houses are dressed in holiday lights and decors, too. But no matter how much you tried and invested this year, we bet our next suweldo that it still has nothing on the residences along Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong, aka the most kumukutitap place in all of the Philippines!

For those not in the know, it's an annual tradition for Policarpio Street residents to come up with dazzling light shows during the holidays. We here at FHM HQ decided to take a stroll there to see what the buzz is all about andlong story shortour eyes weren't disappointed!

Take these photos as proof of why you should make it an annual thing to go there, too!

The entrance to the street is really straightforward on what tourists will see. #AlamNa

policarpio street

One of the first visually mesmerizing residences you'll see showcases a humongous

policarpio street

There are also small tables up front so visitors can eat Xmas grub while enjoying the sights in comfort.

Speaking of food...

policarpio street

Not much lights here, but the colorful drinks should be enough of a visual feast. Also, it won't be that Christmas-y without steamy puto bumbong stalls.

Man, look at this monstrosity:

policarpio street

The owners clearly went all out with the pimpin'! This is JUST the gate:

policarpio street

Is it a gateway to another world filled with colorful sights? Is it the entrance to a rave party? IS THIS HEAVEN IN FRONT OF US?!

Before we get carried away, here's another shot at a holiday food stall that we bet made a killing:

policarpio street

See? Policarpio Street's not only for the eyes but for tummies as well!

Here's a residential building that's also dressed for the occasion:

policarpio street

The bloody red lights seem out of place and time. But, whatever; it's the thought that counts!

Someone's a big, big fan of Mickey Mouse...

policarpio street

We also searched for a house covered in everything Donald Duck, but to no avail.

Every Christian will should know what this scene depicts:

policarpio street

Now we've arrived at:

policarpio street

And here's a wider look at the jolly fat man's local residence:

policarpio street

A question lingers: Does it have ample space at the back for Rudolph and his homies?

And finally, the house which takes the cake as the most blinding eye-catching; the whole thing has enough lights to rival a Katy Perry concert!


policarpio street

Selfie-worthy, yes it is! Take a good look at that gate:

policarpio street
And the front wall:

policarpio street

Hey, NASA! Can you see this house from space?

There you have it, guys and gals! Now you know why you should take a walk there ASAP!

Note: Public viewing on Policarpio Street is open from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.