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May 22, 2014
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Do you have what it takes to be the creative director of the world's number one adult website? In line with its plans to develop a new national advertising campaign in the U.S., PornHub recently launched an amateur ad contest for those who want to take on the job. Pretty cool, right?

The competition urges users to send their versions of what the site's SFW adverts should look like, with the winner receiving a one-year contract as PornHub's creative director. The finalists have since been chosen, and now they want us to vote for the winning entry, which is why we're showing you all 15 of them!

Go give it a closer look, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Not only does this entry show you the many types of porn PornHub has in its library, it also helps raise awareness and promote acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality. Bravo!


Watching people having sex have always been taboo. The purpose of this entry is to endow the word "nothing" with a new meaning so that people can refer to porn without being embarrassed about it. Clever!


This entry wants to tell you that the ability to "finish" and "achieve" has always been in your hands...literally. Nonetheless, PornHub is glad to be of help.


This entry suggests that porn lovers have now developed the ability to type and navigate the Internet with one hand. And yes, PornHub does have millions of "openings." Ha!


Get it? The one-eyed monster refers to your manoy, and the cardboard box is, uhm... Okay, we're not actually sure if we get it. It's supposed to be a genital euphemism or something.


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