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Oct 9, 2013
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What will you do when a stranger accidentally spills coffee on your laptop and ruins your computer in the process? Will you:

a.)    Ignore the stranger and just wipe off the coffee, because you don't have the balls to confront him?

b.)    Look at the stranger and ask him to pay for your laptop (and also your coffee, since you’re at it)?

c.)    Blurt all the bad words in your dictionary and challenge the stranger to a death match?

d.)    Get insanely mad and pin the stranger to the wall using your telekinetic powers?

Well, that last option might sound impossible, but that's exactly what happened in a coffee shop in New York. The unnamed woman suddenly flips out after a stranger accidentally bumped into her coffee cup, spilling its contents onto her laptop.

She then starts to make some really weird stuff happen.  Just watch the video below:


So, okay, this awesome video is actually a well-thought-of prank for the viral promotion for the movie re-adaptation of Stephen King’s thriller novel, Carrie, which is scheduled for release on October 18.

Inspired by this—and hot for more videos of people gettting scared sh*tless—we scoured the web for the berst prank videos ever. Get ready to laugh, feel sorry for the victims, then laugh some more! The fright fest begins on the next page!

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