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Ladies, You Can Actually Experience Fifty Shades Of Grey In Real Life!

A caveat, though: Your wallet will get a spankin', too!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 19, 2015
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For the past few weeks, this little movie called Fifty Shades of Grey has been creating a shitload of buzz in the Internet thanks to the fairer sex talking about it to no end. We admit, we're likewise intrigued; visions of whips going "wapish!" and sexy dominatrix scenes will do that to any bro, you know.

Video via Universal Pictures UK

So we went ahead and watched it...and got bored out of our wits.

Despite the hype surr0unding the supposed BDSM-filled flick, we found it to be a borefest that fell waaay short of our kinky expectations. It's not the suckiest movie out there, but it just didn't deliver the same eroticism the book it's based on had. Sorry girls, but we know you feel the same way, too.

Well, for the women who found the movie to be bitin, why not experience it for real? By that we mean you can actually have your own Fifty Shades of Grey experience, and there's a website that can make it all happen.

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We're talking about Fiftyshadesexperience which invites you to "Live the absolute Fifty Shades Experience. Two days like no other. The helicopter will fly you over the city. Christian will be waiting for you at his apartment building, Escala. He wants to give you the absolute BDSM experience. But before he touches you, you must sign the contract."

This is no hoax, ladies. For two days you get to be Anastasia Steele and stay at the posh Escala, a real-life building in Seattle where a huge chunk of Fifty Shades of Grey's plot took place.

But wait, there's more! Those who sign up gets to pick their own Christian Grey from a catalog of male BDSM experts. And to make it feel like you're really living it, there's even a freakin' contract (just like in the movie):

fifty shades of grey experienceImage via

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