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Ritz Azul: The Exit Interview

Till next time, Ritz!
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 3, 2012
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Much has transpired since Ritz Azul became our November 2012 cover girl—a good chunk of them geared towards the awesome—and we only have Ritz to thank for bringing in the good vibes all month. With December already here, we felt that a farewell gesture towards the 18-year old Kapatid actress is in order. Here’s a brief exit interview with (and an excuse for us to get to know) Ritz. Bon voyage, mi lady!

1) ​What's your definition of sexy?
a. Showing the world your curves in a skimpy outfit
b. Exuding strength and confidence as a woman
c. Stepping up as a leader and making a difference
Ritz's Choice: B
"Being sexy means exuding strength and confidence as a woman. Without this, even though a woman has curves, I think it's not really sexy. To be sexy is to believe and be confident that you are a woman who exudes strength and you believe that you are sexy. For me that is appealing."

2) ​Consider this scenario: You have established yourself as the next “it girl” in showbiz, complete with countless projects under your belt, then the unexpected occurs and a scandalous event takes place (think sex video). How would you react?
a. Be aggressive. Find the people behind the issue then sue them all!
b. Maintain your silence, go into hiding, and let the controversy die down
c. Face the nation and speak your mind, air your side, and take control of the situation

Ritz's Choice: C
"First of all, as much as possible, I don't want to put myself in a scandalous event. But if one day mangyari nga, at least I should know what I'm doing and should have a reason why I did it. And kakausapin ko yung nakaharap ko para maayos kung anumang nangyari."

3) ​Which of these activities are you most likely to take part in during your day off?
a. Spend the day with the kids at Gawad Kalinga or participate in a 5K run for a charitable institution
b. Chill at home with the family, or go out and have coffee with friends
c. Party the night away, hitting up the Metro’s trendiest hotspots

Ritz's Choice: A and B
"Usually I'm with my family making kwentos, playing guitar with my parents and cousins, playing basketball with the kids/youth and doing some SK duties kapag day off."
4) ​ How do you see yourself in the future?
a. The woman version of Henry Sy – with your own empire of crocheted abubots
b. The President of the Philippines – the youngest and prettiest one
c. The next Ultra Mega Super Rising Shining Shooting Star of Pinoy Showbiz
Ritz's Choice: A and C
"Ha ha! Crocheted abubots and the youngest and prettiest president of the Philippines! I think it's A and C. I love crocheting. I did it as a business when I was in highschool. Letter C because I'm in showbusiness and I want to prove something. You can call Letter C my 'dream.' Ha ha!"

5) ​Which of these roles will you dare try?
a. A nun who ends up getting raped, gets all crazy psycho then goes berserk ala-Sisa
b. A sexy femme fatale superhero complete with the quintessential red cape
c. The pa-tweetums girl next door, with a loveteam to boot

Ritz's Choice: B
"B!!! I want to be a superhero. I want to do action scenes."
6)​ In the event that you are linked to a fellow artista (whether it be true or not), how are you going to deal with it?
a. Keep your lips sealed. You have the right to remain silent
b. Openly share the moment with the public—especially your fans.
c. Go the “No Comment” route 

Ritz's Choice: A and B
"It depends. I will tell the truth and openly share the relationship with the public, but there are things na dapat private pa rin."
7)​ Describe your style.
a. Laid-back and comfortable, more jeans and shirt
b. Sleek and sexy: short skirts, glam tops, high heels, the works!
c. Total girly girl, complete with lace dresses and floral accessories

Ritz's Choice: A and B
"I am more of letter A. Pero minsan kapag nasa mood na feeling sexy, letter B: shorts, high heels, and glam top. Ha ha!"

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