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Jul 8, 2010
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For all the reasons—that dagger 3 in the Game 7 of the Finals, especially—that Filipino Boston Celtics fans have for hating Ron Artest, Ron has done quite a few things that have made him a lot more likeable.[firstpara]
Chief amongst these things is his post-game interview after winning the championship, in which he thanked “everybody in mah hood,” his wife, his family, his kids, and of course his psychiatrist Dr. Sandy, who helped him calm down.

He even managed to promote his new single “Champion.” And in the midst of all that blabber, Ron, once the poster boy of villainy and thuggery in the NBA, was just so sincerely happy that you couldn’t help but feel glad for him.

Right after that, Ron proceeded to amuse us some more in the press conference, where he playfully coerced all the press people in the area to pay attention to him or else he’ll threaten to leave.

That was the start of what we think was the best championship press con ever. You owe it to yourself to watch it, if you haven’t yet.

Now, Ron Artest might be winning his way into the hearts of a lot more Filipinos. News about the NBA champion visiting Manila floated in the internet today.

According to teampilipinas.info Artest will swing by Manila for a week-long stay starting August 9.

"It's 100 percent sure— Ron is definitely flying to Manila," Mimi Ledesma Raquid, a native of Bacolod city was quoted as saying. Ji Lee, Artest's manager, confirmed it, continues Raquid.

Apparently, according to a report by the Philippine Star, it is Mimi Ledesma Raquid that Filipinos should thank for Ron Artest’s August visit.

She and her family are said to be close with Ron, and was even invited to Ron’s private barbeque dinner in Los Angeles to celebrate the recent victory of the LA Lakers.

The Raquids eventually suggested that Ron, who has a half-Filipino 9-year old son named Jerron, to visit the Philippines.

Ron warmed up to the idea, and soon, he will indeed land in our islands. On his itinerary are personal appearances in malls and TV, basketball clinics, and here’s the best one… wait for it…bar performances to promote his new rap song ‘Champions.’

We surely will be following Ron wherever he goes just to see what kind of crazy fun stuff he’ll be doing. With Ron around, the chances of something crazy-awesome happening shoots up by a mile! We just hope this trip really really, and we mean really really really really, pushes through.