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Jul 18, 2013
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This year's San Diego Comic Con, a four-day mashup of geek and and mainstream pop culture, is happening right as y'all read this!

Comic Con 2013
What was once a haven for comic book geeks has now expanded into the ultimate entertainment shiznit (movies! toys! cosplay! celebrities!). The San Diego Convention Center will be flooded with well over 100,000 attendees this weekend as they check out panel sessions promising exclusive previews to the latest entertainment attractions.

Without further ado, scroll down below to see some of the geek-friendly TV and movie projects that's getting us pumped up in this year's convention!

The return of the baddest kaiju of 'em all
"Godzilla is the son of the atomic bomb, the sacred beast of the apocalypse," says Tomoyuki Tanaka, producer of the upcoming Godzilla reboot in 2014. In this year's Comic Con, Legendary Pictures has turned an old red-brick waterhouse into the Godzilla encounter, a part-museum, part-theme park attraction catered to the most devoted followers of the Japanese creature. Many little nods and details are sprinkled throughout a recreated Tokyo, including blinking lights, blaring horns, and shattered infrastractures. We're still on a kaiju high at the moment, so this is a welcome boost.

The X-Files stars go on a reunion
Hands up to those who spent a portion of their childhood watching The X-Files in the late '90s! The hit paranormal horror drama series is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Comic Con has alotted a reunion panel for the show that introduced us to Agents Mulder and Scully. Stars David Duchovny and Jillian Anderson and series creator Chris Carter will appear alongside executive producers Vince Gilligan and Howard Gordon. Behold the panel most likely to induce nostalgia!

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