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Oct 2, 2015
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What is the secret to eternal life?

Well, er, it’s not taking a dip in a mystical fountain of youth if that’s what you were thinking. According to Metro, Russian scientist Anatoli Brouchkov reckons the key to living longer, feeling healthier, and stronger and never, ever getting ill is to inject 3.5 million-year-old bacteria into your body.

How to live foreverGIF via Grist.org

The bacteria is called Bacillus F, and somehow, it managed to stay alive despite being frozen for millions of years. He claims that since injecting himself, he hasn’t had the flu for over two years, and that he feels stronger and can work much harder as a result.

Naturally, Brouchkov was quick to point out that this wasn’t really a scientific experiment. He was just using himself as a guinea pig. And unfortunately, this method of prolonging life is not safe to for other people to try just yet.

They’ll probably want to do some actual tests on it first.