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Jul 6, 2015
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Sealed Air, the company behind Bubble Wrap, probably didn't expect their air-filled creation to be ultra-popular not because of its ability to protect fragile packages but because of our innate need to pop stuff. That sensation of successfully popping one? Finger-gasmic.

These GIFs are proof of our undying Bubble Wrap love:

bubble wrapGIF via Gifsoup.com

bubble wrapGIF via Sodahead.com

bubble wrapGIF via Justeat.in

bubble wrapGIF via Reddit.com

bubble wrapGIF via Picslist.com

We bet Sealed Air doesn't mind either, and has been reaping the rewards of its popularity (have you seen this 502,000-strong Facebook page for BW lovers?), which is why we were dumbfounded when we learned that the company hasget thiscreated and will roll out a new Bubble Wrap design that doesn't pop! WHY OH WHY?

bubble wrapGIF via Dailycal.org

Yes, boys and girls. Called iBubble Wrap, this new Bubble Wrap version takes the fun away from package-protection, making use of curvy columns of airinstead of small air pocketsthat, when pressed, won't pop. Instead, air is shifted to another column to maintain optimal cushioning.

bubble wrapImage via Wsj.com

Seriously though, the iBubble Wrap is actually a marvelous invention if we get over the fact that its fun factor is a big fat zero. According to The Wall Street Journal, one iBubble Wrap truckload can protect as much material as 47 Bubble Wrap truckloads. This means less waste and less energy are consumed to create more plastic thing, putting a wide smile on Mother Nature's face.

But then again, Mother Nature doesn't have fingers, so she doesn't know our fear. Fortunately, Sealed Air will continue making the traditional Bubble Wrap because, frankly, life won't be the same without it.

Feature and thumbnail via Engadget.com