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Jul 23, 2015
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Everyone has a camera or a phone with a camera nowadays, making it easy for us to document our lives from whatever we're eating to whatever we're wearing and everything in between.

"Everything in between" sometimes involves intimate moments. These cameras have added a kink to our sex lives by allowing us to take sexual photos of ourselves and sending them to our partner. We call it "sexting." And this is the topic of a photo-series by Chicago-based photographer Evan Baden called "Technically Intimate," which is part of the book Desire: New Erotic Photography.

Here's one photo from the series:

As reported by Featureshoot.com, Baden's work began seven years ago when he started noticing that people were using new optic and communication technologies to play a part in their sex lives. People were taking sexually-themed photos and videos and sending them to their partners. In many cases though, these things reach recipients other than the intended one. They then spread over the Internet, which then becomes what we now call "scandals."

That aspect is the main focus of Baden's work. He'd like the world to see that beyond the body parts, exposed genitalia, and compromising positions, there's an actual person behind it living in real (albeit very messy) rooms. He thought that the illicit release in a public domain of these supposedly private photos was very much dehumanizing. By showing that there's a real individual behind it, who most probably didn't want those photos to spread, he attempts to make us think twice about clicking "share" the next time a scandal comes around.

Here are some more photos:

How did these provocative images affect you?