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May 6, 2014
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If you’re a normal dude you:

1) Have a Facebook account

2) Love chatting with tsikabebs

3) Would connect to any free wi-fi available

And that’s why you’re an easy target of cybercrimes!

Cybercrimes happen to 18 people around the world every second though they may not be aware of it, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer. And then there’s also the major Sextortion bust last April 30, where 58 people were nabbed by the Philippine National Police's Anti Cybercrime Group for allegedly recording sexually explicit videos of their online friends and using it to extort money from them. Kaya ingat-ingat rin sa mga malalanding ka-chat!

But the evil doesn't end there. You've all probably heard about hacking, identity thefts, viruses, and scams. Now the question is, how do you protect yourself? First, you must know how our government defines cybercrimes, as enumerated in the Cybercrime Prevention Act, which was declared constitutional by the Supreme Court last February 18.

Or if you too lazy to read but is still wary about the possibility of those dick pics you sent to @mahalay_18 hitting the Net, then below is a handy infographic about Sextortion, Cybercrimes, and How To Protect Yourself Online!