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IN PHOTOS: The Beastly Encounter Between Killer Whale And Shark

The ending will surprise you. No, they didn't become friends.
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 14, 2015
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Sharks, with their sharp teeth and movies like Jaws, have earned a reputation of being underwater killing machines. Killer whales, despite their "sea panda" looks and theme park exploits, shouldn't be messed with either (thanks to their intelligence and huge size).

Both are apex predators. Both make lunch out of their fellow sea creatures.

So, what happens when these two baddies meet in the wild?

A group of scientists from the Orca Research Trust in New Zealand captured in photos such an encounter. The photos were recently posted on the organization's Facebook page and, we're telling you, the snaps you're about to see are as rare as free-flowing EDSA rush hour traffic.

shark vs killer whale

According to reports, the shark in question is a sevengill shark which can grow to almost three meters (around 10 feet long). Yep, it's no small fry.

shark vs killer whale

However, it looks like the poor shark was overmatched. Not only was it facing something that can grow to 30 feet in length, it was up against a whole poda total of 16 killers whales were trying to take a bite out of it.

shark vs killer whale

So, what's a shark gotta do to avoid becoming fish food? Escapeand escape it did. According to the International Business Times, the shark managed to leap out of the water and landed on rocks on the shore.

shark vs killer whale

Members of the Orca Research Trust then rescued and sent it back to the water where it promptly swam away from the killer whales.

While we can all agree that killer whales are legit badasses that hunt down sharks (yes, apparently it's a thing for themalthough rarely seen), you have to admire the determination and #puso that (relatively) little shark displayed.

Swim on, bro.