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Silva-Sonnen II: 7 Questions Answered!

So what now, Sonnen?
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 10, 2012
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Chael Sonnen, with months and months of taunting and trash talking behind him, once again failed to crack the magnanimous code of UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. During their rematch at UFC 148 last Sunday, the challenger once again found himself on the losing end, this time by means of a convincing technical knock out in the second round.

Everything that took place at UFC 148 provides answers to all the queries made during our Silva-Sonnen pre-fight analysis last week. Check it!

1. Was Silva’s win last time a fluke?
Coming off the results of their rematch alone, the more appropriate answer right now would be no. Based on the first round however, it could be argued that Anderson would have suffered the same fate if only Sonnen avoided exchanging strikes with him. But then again no victory inside the Octagon should ever be labeled as a fluke or an upset. You tend to find yourself on the bottom end of a ground and pound enough times in one fight; you’re bound to find a desperate way out.

2. Will Chael Sonnen continue where he left off?
Technically, he did. Sonnen managed to take Silva down within the first six seconds of the opening round, executing a perfect ground and pound gameplan during the first five minutes. But other than a few significant headshots in the last few seconds and a continuous grinding barrage, Sonnen was not able to inflict as much damage as expected.

3. Is Chael Sonnen capable of defending against submission attempts?
While the answer may not be as apparent, we figure Sonnen would know better than to get caught in any submission locks this time around considering that traumatic UFC 117 loss and his newly infused Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background. Sonnen also managed to switch from the full guard all the way to the full mount without any kimuras or oma platas from Anderson during the first round, which says a lot in terms of preparation.

4. Can Anderson Silva keep the fight standing this time?
Why he most certainly did so this time, if we’re talking about the second round. The champion was immediately given a crash course on how Sonnen intends to beat him, and Anderson knew better than to spend the next four rounds testing the waters once again. After Chael’s failed spinning back fist attempt that led to him slipping down to the mat, Anderson wasted no time and caught him with a knee to the chest, giving him the opening for a finish.

5. How much did the trash talk affect Silva mentally?
Not by much, we suppose. During the post-fight interview, Anderson called up his battered opponent, praised his persistence and determination, and declared how trash talking is a universal occurrence in the UFC. He even went as far as offering Chael a day at the Silva household for some backyard barbecue fun this summer. Which begs a whole new question: Will a remorseful Sonnen accept Silva’s friendly offer? Chos.

6. Is Silva’s long layoff going to affect this fight?
Not by a long shot. The Brazilian is still showing Father Time is still miles away, and past injuries have not affected his previous matches either. The effects of a long layoff were never part of the question. "It's amazing what he's been able to accomplish, and what he continues to accomplish, at his age," says Dana White. "That's the thing nobody ever thinks about. Nobody ever talks about it, but this guy is pushing 40. He's an amazing fighter and an amazing athlete."

7. Should he lose, is Chael Sonnen really leaving the UFC?
Having seen Sonnen put his foot on his mouth by losing to Anderson Silva, we reckon that his vow to leave the UFC forever should he lose may not sound as appealing to him now as it did last year. Neither Sonnen nor UFC President Dana White commented on any Octagon departure during the post-fight press conference, but the fallen challenger hinted that he intends to proceed with his mixed martial arts. No bullshits and whatnot, we don't believe Sonnen is leaving the UFC anytime soon.

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