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SONA 2012: The Cliffnotes

The cliff notes of the cliff notes
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 24, 2012
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After a long and winding state of the nation address from the President, some of which triggered our political and patriotic bones, we came up with a good number of observations in this year's affair - from the statistical credibility of his speech to the prominent elusion of the RH Bill, which matter of factly, is what the nation is most curious about.

The Good

1. P-Noy delivered his speech in Filipino to truly reach out to the Filipino people. Another excellently-written speech.

2. Despite the long speech, he was able to insert some humor in serious issues to maintain interest.

3. He grounded most of his achievements in statistics and facts. He is no longer all talk.

4. He laid out his plans well and touched on a wide array of topics, while also presenting achievements for each field.

5. He received positive comments from attendees, with most saying that this is probably the most realistic SONA thus far.

6. By presenting deadlines, he gave the impression that he means serious business and his goals are aimed to be done, not just dreamed.

7. He displayed excellent leadership skills by appointing the right people for the right posts, and commending them accordingly for the work they have put in.

The Bad
1. He still has not moved on from blaming the previous administration for some of the problems the country still faces.

2. Critics claim that some statistics that he laid out are immeasurable, in particular, the unemployment rate.

3. This is probably the longest SONA in recent history.

4. The presented deadlines are like double-edged swords; if he does it, then good for him, but if he doesn’t fulfill his promises, he will be the subject of public scrutiny for a long time.

5. The violence that erupted outside the session hall between the police force and militant groups may not have been a bad thing about the SONA, but it is worth noting as it did happen during the same day.

The— WOT?!
1. I still don’t get what the militant groups are trying to do by trying to block the President’s convoy. Not to defend the President here, but really, how could they change what is already written on the President’s SONA?

2. Wasn’t Satur Ocampo in the congress as representative for his party-list for 9 years? Why did he not advance their cause during those years, only to go back to street anarchy?

3. The RH Bill Reference drew the loudest applause during the SONA, but one wonders why it hasn’t been passed.

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