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SONA 2013: A Recap for Dummies

Because it's a long speech
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 22, 2013
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Analysts are calling this year's State of the Nation Address one of the longest and most controversial ever. They're pointing out to how the president called out the names of the government officials he disapproves of. They're also saying this particular session garnered a very limited amount of applause.

But whatever, did y'all notice how this may be the most phlegm-filled SONA in history? The president is obviously struggling with his cough; somebody give P-Noy some amoxicillin, dammit!

Kidding aside, Mr. President, you at least had us smiling out of approval in the confidence and reassurance department. Now we won't go around lecturing everyone about how our country is doing, because it was indeed a very long speech and we tend to get lost in translation, but that doesn't mean we're not paying attention. It'll just take another listen to fully grasp all the stuff P-Noy said, is all.

If you share our predicament, you might be able to appreciate what's below. Scroll down to see our for-dummy's recap of this year's SONA! (Disclaimer: This infographic does not cover P-Noy's entire speech, but it helps.)

State of the Nation Address P-Noy

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