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HACKED: Taylor Swift's Instagram Account Vandalized With Toilet Photo

Hacker group Lizard Squad attacks Taylor Swift's accounts by posting...a toilet photo.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 29, 2015
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Ever since Taylor Swift showed off her belly button last week (okay, maybe even farther back), we've become loyal supporters to the sometimes-crazy, always-sexy pop star.

So like a protective boyfriend, we were pissed when we heard about this shameful act. (Nope, Taylor didn't get married.) Instead, Tay-Tay's social network accounts, specifically her Instagram and Twitter profiles, were hijacked by rogue hacker group Lizard Squad.

The group was responsible for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live hacks back in December that drove gamers mad. They also claimed that they were the ones responsible for 2015's #FacebookDown event a couple of days ago.

Now, its Swifties that got mad.

Apparently, the hackers have a knack for toilet humor as they posted this photo during the hijacking:

As for Twitter, the hackers asked Swift's followers to follow accounts related to the hacking group.

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Within minutes of the hacking, Taylor Swift (and quite possibly her team of social media experts) sprung to action. reported that Taylor responded on Tumblr: "Well now I'm awake. My Twitter got hacked but don't worry, Twitter is deleting the hacker tweets and locking my account until they can figure out how this happened and get me new passwords. Never a dull moment."

A few moments later, she said: "Now Instagram. This is going to be a long day."

Twitter got around to finally fixing the mess, and Swift wasted no time to fire back at her anonymous adversary, and posting a shout-out to the first person to tell her about the incident, Paramore's Hayley Williams:

To finish, a report by said that the hackers also threatened to release nudes of the pop star in exchange for bitcoin.

To which Swift responded with her usual sharpness:

So essentially, it's Swift - 1, Hackers - 0. But who's the real MVP from all of this? This girl ain't about to give up her trophy:

And that's the way the cookie crumbles for #TheGreatTaylorSwiftHackof2015, everyone.

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