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May 2, 2014
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15 Things

In this week's lineup, Kim Jong-un proves to the world how much of a ladies' man he is, Kat Alano reveals a tragic incident that took place a decade ago, and Emma Stone gives a mighty impressive rendition of a hit hip-hop song, just to name a few.

Read on to know The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Reuters and Yahoo! News recently published a set of photos showing Kim Jong-un working his charm on the swooning women of North Korea. Who would’ve guessed that the Great Leader’s one helluva ladies’ man?


Kat Alano has come clean—it turns out that she was indeed raped nine years ago. She’s yet to reveal the perpetrator, but she did indicate that he’s “a well-loved public figure.” This needs to end soon!


Director Paul W.S. Anderson has confirmed that a sixth Resident Evil movie, tentatively titled Rising Resident Evil, is already in the works. So which iconic character will they butcher this time? We'll find out soon enough.


By gathering a bunch of today’s greatest players for an intense game of winner stays, Nike might have made the coolest, most nerve-wracking commercial in football history. Check it out below!


Get wood, give wood! To celebrate Arbor Day, Pornhub will be planting a tree for every 100 videos watched. If you’re looking for a reason to watch porn, this is it.



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